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How important are marriages in the time of corona?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

The outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) across the world has laid an impact on marriages. The couple and their families are forced to re-plan or call-off their weddings. Nearly close to half of the weddings that were scheduled and the knots that were ready to be tied in the coming days have been either called off or postponed. But unlike big metros, close to two-thirds of the families have still planned their marriages alive, and they would go ahead with their plans. To consider in every single way marriages during the pandemic outbreak is just like any other wedding - there will be a bride and a groom, a priest and, yes, Of course, guests!! not in big numbers but yes. But still, there is something different about it.

Why should a lockdown dull the spirits of "BRIDE AND A GROOM"? In India, marriages are of great importance, and getting the dates is always a challenging one, but now this lockdown wedding is growing to be a trend in society. People are facing challenges in converting a big fat wedding, which was already planned months before into a smaller one.

Event U All makes sure that none of these occasions that's been planned goes to waste. We completely take the responsibilities of hosting marriages at your homes or the marriage halls as it was scheduled.

Social gatherings are not allowed, and yes, we do understand that social gathering is the heart of any marriages, where families meet, and that's a beautiful occasion beyond thoughts, but we plan on that and get in the minimum of 50 people in attendance and also arrange zoom video calls and other facilities for all other family friends, colleagues, loved ones and for those who couldn't make it to the wedding and make sure that they enjoy the essence of this beautiful occasion. 

Good helpers in hand will always reduce big weightage on your shoulders, our helpers will take care of most of the work, and they also take the necessary precautions, maintain social distancing guidelines and norms and help you with everything you need.

Wedding photographers?? Obviously, yes, they won't just click photos, they will capture every single moment, and they showcase their creativity, as there will be less disturbance at the wedding chaos. Decor can be minimalistic, with natural flowers, and arches. Any entertainment activities are also a major part of any wedding which keeps the crowd moving, keeps cheering the bride and groom, and creates a beautiful atmosphere. We take care of it and yes again the necessary precautionary measures will be taken for the same too.

Beautiful ambiance can be designed as per the choice of bride and groom, that not only makes the scene good but tells a fairytale. We take care of sending E-invites for our guests, organize Mehendi ceremonies, we have make-up artists, and they will guide the bride to get that bridal look staying comfort at their homes.

The families will relish happiness about the marriage that was organized with minimal cost, and the ceremony can be a simple one but will be lasting forever. 

Innovation is our key, and we make your fairytale dream of the wedding come true even during the pandemic. And with all of these, the wedding at home or marriage halls will be completed with the same margin of fanfare. We would never let this pandemic break that scene of HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

There can be no better act than getting two people married, and we do that with all our hearts no matter what may come, and "love can overcome anything even a pandemic" and we make it happen. Get in touch with us, drop in mails, and give us a ring. Let us make your dream wedding come true, amidst the pandemic outbreak, and help build your story that lasts forever.

Finally Wedding is an important part of life, it is a transformative act of changing the way, two people look at each other. Being a Wedding Planner, we create and celebrate your dream wedding in all the aspects that you need us to take care of., such as Rituals and Traditions, Venues and Halls, Designs and Decorations, Food and Folks, Energy and Entertainments, Photography and films, Travel and Logistics and many more. Wed Utsav will takes care of your stress to make your Dream Wedding a Long lasting Memory.

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