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Small & Classy Weddings!

Just when we thought nothing can break the term ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’. Pandemic taught us otherwise. We started seeing the weddings at home, customized to one day. They were stuff grand and spread same happiness with same essence.

Wedding is an occasion draped with the richness of love, traditions while beautifully drafting desires, dreams amongst the families and the newlywed couple. It is indeed an emotional bound engagement between two souls.

Despite the outbreak in the world-facing Pandemic, we toned down our weddings and brought up a crisp, simple and elegant plan to recover from the losses the families went through in cancelling the bookings and calling off the weddings.

Wed Utsav puts a step ahead, taking the responsibility to make your dream day happen in a smooth, elegant way. We assist you in organizing a small and classy wedding instead of calling it off. And when we do it, we take all the precautions and measures in consideration so that anyone who is visiting the wedding will not be affected from the COVID virus. We keep everything sanitized, while maintaining the social-distancing protocol.

We bring to you a classy décor and rich ambience while answering all your know-hows during the pandemic season. That extra hand to arrange the florists, trousseau, videographer, photographer, bridal assistance services would be our specialization which you can take advantage of. The idea is to make your wedding a smoother and a memorable one.

One Advantage: Less Budget, More Creative Experiences

Weddings by rituals is an initiation from Wed Utsav where we have all our planners aware of your culture, ritual and style so that we can understand you one step deeper and assist you one step more. Whether it could be to arrange a ‘decorative umbrella’ for Kashi yatra or ‘Korath’ arrangements in a Marwari weddings.

Marriages may be of any rituals Brahmin, Vaishya, Muslim, Gujarati, Christian, etc, and also may it be a north Indian wedding, south Indian, or any culture that you belong, We aim to learn more about them and make them happen all traditionally. Moreover, opting for smaller weddings is sometimes a crazier choice, less crowd, and noise but leads to more entertainment and perfection. We got you with everything covered and assure you that even the tiniest things would be grandly taken into considerations that will enrich and enhance the experience

Our creative organizing team will plunge headlong into weaving an alluring tapestry of events that will create absolute beauty in the minds of families and guests.

So get ready for some small and intimate weddings and we’ll help you plan it the way you want it. Reach out to us at or call us at 99720 43210

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