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Weddings Post Lockdown

Did you know that India celebrates about 10 million weddings per year? That makes about 30,000 weddings taking place per day, on average, which works out to be 9 lakh weddings per month.

Also, the Indian Wedding industry currently accounts for over 1,00,000 crores and is growing at a rapid rate of 25-30% each year. An average Indian wedding could cost between 20 lakhs to 5 crores. That would almost be a one-fifth spend of the total wealth accumulated for an average person in his lifetime. Even after the Epidemic, it is expected to grow 15% despite the losses incurred.

One of the massive hit industry this year due to the COVID-19 is also the Wedding Industry. When such huge investments are involved in booking up a venue, catering, decorations, What will you do if weddings got canceled? Of course, they cannot be retrieved.

But, during this time, the families start panicking, hustling around. We have a client whose wedding was not only canceled but the Groom who went to visit the famous temple, Tirupati was stuck there because of the lockdown. Even when we had a plan to arrange for everything in a smaller version in Bengaluru, we had one big problem – the Groom was missing! Both the families and we as their wedding planner struggled hard to get him out of Tirupati and bring him back to Bengaluru. That being a story of a Lockdown Wedding!

While the concept of ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’ was massively grown over the years with extravagant celebrations, massive theme setups; was shaken with the pandemic.


But, guess what? We’ve received some good news and we thought will share it with you!

In view of ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, the Indian Government has taken the decision to ease the lockdown weddings.

1. Venue Hunting

The wedding can be conducted in a public place with good natural ventilation, which means No Air conditioning. In a city filled with wedding venues that are equipped with ACs, we have to rule out almost 80-85% of the venues. And the venue has to be maintained clean and hygienic.

So, what venues can we select?

Reach out to us and we’ll help you hunt down the proper venue which is suitable for the wedding to take place.

2. How many people are allowed with what measures?

Well, we have got news which says the maximum number of guests should be no more than 50. Sanitizers are to be kept at the entry and at appropriate places. Thermal screening of all persons shall be conducted at the entry of the venue. All people should wear face masks compulsorily. Hand washes with soap and water at all the washrooms.

Too many things to arrange? would take care of bringing in all the equipment and allot personnel to overlook the proceedings. We would also maintain a guest list with all the contact details.

3. Who cannot attend?

People from the containment zone shall not be allowed to attend the wedding. People more than 65 years of age, pregnant women and children below 10 years are not permitted to attend the wedding. Anyone found having fever, cold, cough, difficulty in breathing shall not be permitted to attend the wedding and will be immediately referred to seek medical advice.

4. Permissions

WedUtsav would ensure to have all the necessary prior permission for the wedding, including the travel passes.

Also would appoint a Nodal person who is identified for overseeing the arrangements and coordination at the venue.

All the guests should have downloaded the Arogya-setu app.

But we have more people on the guest list, how can we not call them?

We have a magical tool that allows people to be present at the wedding. Yes, Virtual Weddings!

While we’re doing virtual conferencing with seminars and breakout rooms and Q&A sessions, we thought why not convert them to a personal setting? Perhaps, a little more customization?

Meaning, while the pandit recites the mantra, we allow the cousins of all generations to have this breakout rooms into gossip rooms for some live-gossiping.

We would have a special feature with live Polls and Questions for anyone present at the venue and offline to increase the communication 2 way.

A Customized frame for the virtual family, who can doll up and pose for the camera and your collage for the insta and snap-chats are ready!

So hurry up! has some nice concepts to make your wedding 'A Wedding to Remember' no matter it's with 2000 people or 50 people.

-Written by Rashmi Dandeen, Wedding Planner & Event Manager

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